Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Here we have summarized the most important questions for you. For further information, please get in contact with us.

Fire without smoke – does it work? Burning our chimneys developed no smoke or harmful exhaust gas in significant quantities. The result of combustion consists of heat, "water vapor" and a little bit Co². By comparison, the amount of the released CO ² corresponds to the amount which is released from 2 medium candles during combustion. You only need to ventilate the room as usual sufficient to provide adequate air exchange.

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    How much water vapor produced during the combustion?

    Just as much as if you had a humidifier at home.

    Are the chimneys portable?

    Yes. Within 5-10 minutes, the fireplace is removed and placed on another site. Ideal for any removal, hotels, offices and many more. Or place your chimney during the winter in your living room and, on warm summer evenings, on the terrace or in the open conservatory.

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    Radiates heat from a design & fire chimney?

    The chimneys were designed to enable the cozy atmosphere and the pleasant calming flames of an open fire in your home. Of course, a little heat is produced. This heat can be up to 11KW depending on size.

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    Do I need a permit?

    No. Our chimneys do not require approval.

    How much does it cost?

    A cozy fire does not have to cost more than the lighting of a conventional fireplace. And all without kindling timber, without storing wood, dealing with smoke or with ashes.

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    Are the chimneys checked?

    All bio-ethanol fireplace products by design & fire furniture conform to the highest safety regulations and correspond to all points of the german TÜV Süd relevant DIN standard 4734-1 safety requirements.